About us


Wild Hound is a partnership between two freelancers, Jordi Rubinat and Aimar Espinet, based in Barcelona. We provide CGI solutions for studios, production companies, agencies, and individuals in need of our services.

With our vast experience in the industry we can provide a solution that matches your production’s needs

Jordi Rubinat

Jordi has worked in 3D for over a decade. After graduating High School with a specialization in Arts, he moved on to study Sound Engineering. Later on he completed 2D Animation Studies at 9Zeros, where he was introduced to and became passionate about 3D Animation. Over a decade later, this passion remains.

After being employed by different companies, Jordi finally decided to carve his own path and become self-employed. He specializes in modeling, 3d sculpting, shading, lighting, and rendering.

Aimar Espinet

Although Aimar is originally from Bilbao, he moved to Barcelona, where he currently lives and works, to pursue a career in 3D. Ever since he was a child, he loved to draw at all times. As the years went by, he became acquainted with the world of 3D, started studying 3D Max and Maya, and completed his first professional projects, which consisted mainly of webpage design and multimedia development jobs.

Since he completed his two-year studies in 3D Animation four years ago, Aimar has been self-employed as a 3D Rigging Specialist and has completed projects for a wide array of companies.


In Wild Hound we work for studios like…